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Keep getting a message "swShellFileLauncher" error

By Nidhal Ben Fraj on 09 Aug 09:58 1 answer 0 comments

I'm not certain what this message is implying, but I get it a handfull of times during the day. The error "title" is not found in the search of this forum so I posted here.

Am I doing something that causes the need for this flag? I'm working along & notice "2" SW icons in my tool tray and when I look at the second, this is it. I close it and continue along as though nothing happened. Strange.


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1 answer

  • Lukasz Siwiec
    Lukasz Siwiec about 3 years ago

    Your file is corrupted. You must to contact your resseler and send this file, than they can send to SolidWorks Support and repair this file.

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