Can you run solidworks natively on Linux? Or other 3D cad?

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Once you have Windows installed, install SolidWorks in the VM.
Now, we have a virtual machine running Windows and SolidWorks. Big deal, right? Anyone could have told you to do that. In order to run SolidWorks in a manner befitting a true “First Class Citizen” of your desktop and have a somewhat normal workflow, you need it to be seamlessly integrated into your Linux desktop. Lucky for you, VirtualBox has a “seamless” mode that you can enable! Press Host+L to get to it, and voila! You’re running SolidWorks on Linux.

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you can run creo as portable application under wine in linux. without loosing performance.

VM will make your system hog

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Its technically not Linux, but there is now a version of Autodesk Inventor that runs natively on Mac OS... which is a variant of BSD Unix (I think)

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