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I am creating a project for the steampunk compass contest, and I want to make it as functional as possible so that the jury and I can test to make sure it works right away. I have been using mechanical mates to make my gears run very smoothly. The gears hold a lock in place. When the puzzle is solved, the gears pull the lock out of a hole and allow the box to be opened. I don't want to, nor do I think it would work, to use Physical Dynamics in the Move Component tab of my assembly.
Is there some type of mate that will act as a collider so that the box cannot be opened when the lock is in the hole, and can only be opened if the lock is out of the hole?

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I think the only way to do this is to use a linear/ linear coupler in the advanced mates tab of the mate property manager. If you set it up correctly, part b will move down as the lock is pulled out.

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Actually you can use Distance mate in Advance mate, in that we can give min and max distance. may be this is suitable for your issue. (It can move specific distance)

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