Looking for something to model in Inventor

I've got some free time and I want to spend some of it on trying to model something, but I have no idea what to do. So if anyone has any suggestions, please do tell. Not looking for something hard, just something that is going to be fun, and I would appreciate it a lot if you could provide the technical drawings with it.

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Marko just look about your own house as there is so many interesting shapes and models that you probs have not even noticed until you really look @ stuff

I have a few engines on layout drawings that I could send you if you would like?

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All you need is a caliper. Try from simple stuff like a cup and go to more complex like a PC case or an RC car.

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You can just go on this website and get a model, I do it all the time. I used to use some textbvooks I had but I recently "used up" the textbooks, that is I had drawn all the drawings in the textbooks. That was when I found this website. I think theres a good suply of drawings on here both architectural and mechanical.

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Find a need! Fill the need! If you have a friend that needs to build something, make an idea come to fruition, now is the time to help him out with the tools that you have. I find this to be a good way to maximize your learning experience and be a good friend.

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Might I suggest a jet engine of some kind? Make it super detailed for fun!

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