Merging Solid Bodies - reducing computer performance

Hi guys,

I'm currently trying to create a toothbrush as a solid bodies exercise,
I am pretty happy with the majority of it so far but when I have tried creating the bristles it has made each bristle its own solid body,
So now I have around 1600+ solid bodies which is making working on the rest of the toothbrush near impossible,

Is there any way to merge them without them connecting with each other?

Thanks in advance!

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2 Answers

You might consider making an assembly. Then you'd be able to work on the main body as a discreet part, and the 1,600+ bristles would only reside in the assembly.
You might also inspect how the bristles were made. For so many, I'd make use of patterns. Make one bristle in a single socket, then pattern that bristle to fill the socket, making use of the geometry pattern option. Then pattern that socket full of bristles to the other sockets.
You might also consider not have 1,600+ bristles as well, depending on your end goal (i.e. rendering), it may be possible to use a single huge bristle in each socket, and make it look like a bundle of them by making use of a texture.
Or, work with a configuration of the model where you keep the bristles suppressed until you really need them shown for some reason.

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Maybe model the bristle bodies such that they slightly overlap the main toothbrush body (down at the bottom of the bristle holes) and assuming the main body is solid, you should be able to merge them with the main toothbrush body while keeping them disconnected from one another.

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