Need a render for a sword

Hello there. I have designed the sword of omens from thundercats cartoon. I want to create a picture and i need a good render of the sword. I can;t get a realistic one.. I'm not into rendering unfortunately. If anyone would like to help me i would be vary gratefull. I need the sword to be laid down, as i'm gonna be holding it with both hands... like i'm giving it to someone. Thank you in advance.

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u may post the same in the request'll give u better response. :)

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or else u may request some of the engineers by commenting on some of their models....

Check my audi tt renderings which i got like that ... These engineers are very helpful.

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This is not a ring but a few colleagues can help you
do not worry
I greet

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Sword Render. Can change view angle. Don't know exactly what you want.

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