Need help with sweep cut

Hi I need help with sweep cutting knife blade. The problem is that i cant sweep from profile along spline to second profile. Sorry if the question is stupid but i am new to solidworks and i dont find something similar in internet.

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I think a change of method.
I would use mirror at end - this will simplify the sweep cut.
The path for sweep need to change to get the curve at blunt end.
For your sweep - try to sketch the profile "normal" to the path, rather than at an angle.

Answered with a tutorial:

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I would only use the right profile. Make a spline for your profile to follow by using the convert entities ( you may need to extend it past the tip of the blade). If you upload your current file I can play around with it and give you a tutorial.

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Here the file. I tried only with the right part but its not proportional.

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Sorry i have forgot for different versions. Here

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It worked thank you,but can you tell me how to cut only in the red area

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