Need Help with this part

I made a part out of the drawing in solidworks. Please someone check it- if I've done it correct.
I've uploded both the drawing and the part.
P.S:- I have some confusion in reading the drawing.
Thanks in advance

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Hi Paramvir,
I do not for one moment consider myself an expert, but I have looked at your model with an open and honest mind and have formed the following conclusion of which you asked.
Your interpretation of the drawing is correct as required bar 1 item, you have ommitted to add the 3mm radius on the bottom flange faces (see Insp 1).
That's it Well done.....However, I think your confusion you mention is not of your making, you have followed the drawing to the letter, the drawing itself is a bit irregular on the trasition of the upright boss to the underside of the top flange, a slight change would make the model a little easier on the eye (see Insp 2). But none the less you have produced what has been requested of you, let the original designer and the customer sort out this minor detail.
Well done again.

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As far as I can see, the model was built exactly to the drawing. You could have make the filet in the initial sketch for the first boss extrude (smaller file size - less features) but it's ok.
Well done.

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Looks correct to me other than the above mentioned fillet.

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Same here . I agree with those guys and bravo ! :)

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