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I just wanted to know what everyone thought of the new changes in the scoring and thought this would be a good place for everyone to also make suggestions on more score improvements or to point out score flaws.

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i think,when you like a model or rendering

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I believe it is a good thing to be rewarded by your peers.
If you upload a good model or renderings and it is liked, credits!!
If you upload non quality model, print screen renderings, or images from the net without any "depth or added value to the original model..NO credits.
Might be a very good thing to improve the overall quality of CrabCad.

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I think there will always be a problem with the points system on GrabCAD it has changed so many times and ever since I was a member a way back in the day the same problems have always come up about GrabCAD score..... The only way to have no problem with GrabCAD score and ranking system is not to have one @ all. After all it is only a number, that does not mean you are a great engineer/designer but what does make you a better person it to help others on GrabCAD.... Answer Q&A's help others that are still trying to learn CAD... upload good quality models for others to download and learn from and also help people out with rendering if they ask for your help being a great community member and helping others is not about points or rank but it would build a better GrabCAD and community :P

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Thanks for your feedback. I agree that a like for a model or rendering from your peers is something special and should be noted in the community. @Stephen I hadn't considered follows. Do you feel that is a mark of quality or social standing within the community or both?

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I think points should be earned when a person Or their model gains followers.

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