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I know that nothing is perfect, but I think that to earn +15 points for rendering per model of someone´s model is too much. There is a lot of ,let´s say, law quality and boring renderings. Renderings seems to me like good and easy way to earn thousands and thousands points almost for nothing. It´s like game or something. If you upload a model you have 0 points (except the first one of course) and someone who renders your model earn +15 points. Is that normal?? You can spend hours and hours to create model and someone who renders your model in a minute earns +15 points.
So what about this:
-you upload your own model to yours library +3 points per model
-you delete your model from yours library -3 points,and if it is technically possible minus all points related to this model (for likes,downloads, etc.)
-someone download your model +2 points per download
-for renderings someone´s model +2 points per rendering
-uploading a new revision or format to anyone’s model +3 points to score every time.

Like I mentioned above, nothing is perfect, this is just example. But yet, what do you think about this?

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Agreed on a small point score for uploads. Rendering, as mentioned, is a quick way to gain points for little effort. I think that a negative points system would create issues in the long run. A point per download then 2points if the downloader likes the model would be better. That way your gaining 3points for somebody liking the model they have downloaded. Any issues with a model should be posted as a comment.

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Awarding points for downloads would have consequences. Some models receive a disproportionately large number of downloads because of the way they are promoted within the site. This may lead some people to feel the situation is unfair if their model has been overlooked.

Perhaps we should have some kind of rating system (like the star system on 3DContentCentral). That would be positive and could also express shortfalls. I think anyone who gives a model a rating should also explain their choice (like the review system in Amazon). A single, but substantial, award of points could then be made.

I’m sure we’re all aware that there are many models here that have issues but peer pressure seems to demotivate people from saying anything.

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No one downloads models they don't like. So a download is a 'like' by implication. But sometimes you can download a model and be disappointed with it, so perhaps we could have a 'don't like' button that could award negative points.

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you should get points for a new model and you should get points if someone likes it and downloads it

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Some valid points, there should definitely be points for uploads and a point for each download. I agree 15 points a render is also too much. In reference to Aled's point about negative score though, that may be counter-productive and demotivate people, public humiliation is not really ideal lol. We can give our feedback as a comment and if it's really that bad, we can always send them a private message or something :p

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A 1-5 scoring system sounds good. But suppose someone uploads a screwdriver and it’s perfect. You may feel you must give it the top score. If someone then uploads a racing car they designed themselves, you wouldn’t be able to give it a higher score than the screwdriver.

Perhaps we could score using several categories like; Detail, Originality, Complexity,
Appearance, etc. Uploads would be easier to asses using this system and an overall score could then be calculated.

Any scoring system would also need to take into account revisions. If a particular problem was identified with a model and then fixed, previous scores would no longer be relevant.

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Thank you again for your continued support and helpful feedback. Please see what <a href="">GrabCAD Score Improvements Are Coming</a>.

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GC staff hope to resolve this in a fair,

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I really like the idea of encouraging constructive feedback. A 1-5 rating system awards the same benefits of a "downvote/upvote" without being quite as harsh. We are considering a revamp of the GrabCAD Score, so thanks for the feedback!

How would you feel if you're current GrabCAD Score was changed with any tweaks to the scoring system?

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