Improve Grabcad Score

Just a thought, but wouldnt it be nice to have a rank somewhere near the score at the profile also.

like this:
GrabCAD score
3958 (2 of 160 000)

That would give people who look at your score a more indepth feel of how much points a person has.

Check image for a suggestion of how it could look.

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Looks nice. It is a very nice sugestion.

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Back to the "ranking system" again huh? Use the site for its intent, uploading and sharing. This isn't a competition.

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I also wish to tell the same.
It is very nice look.

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Totally agree - this point system is great but - what's the use of points if we can't know the ranking? Great idea

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good idea that will push people for posting more models of a better quality

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Its very nice idea as it will motivate beginners and others too for working in this field more and more......

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