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I wana learn CAE in a particular Software.So what is the prerequisite Knowledge required in maths and physics... Please help

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To be an good engineer analyst, you must first of all to be designer engineer. The reason is very simple: you will learn to apply tolerance (theoretical and application); you will use about treatment of material (to choose one based on particular situation); you will learn to model parts, assembly and subassembly (in this manner you will understand the role of every parts in an assembly); more than that you will be independent to designers changed your models as you wish (of course to meet FEM condition, functionality condition, etc). Beside of this, other knowledge include strength of material (to dimensioned or check based on force from FEM results: bolts, weldment, fatigue, safety factor, etc), mathematical base knowledge, and passion for analysis. As in every job, exists many people, but only those people whose dedicated to their job are professionals.

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Physics : Strength of Materials , Machine Design
Differential equations in maths.

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