Problem opening files autocad 2006 files, how to fix it?


I was working in some dwg. when sudenly got the following message when trying to open another file: AutoCad Error Aborting Fatal Error: Unhandled acces violation reading 0x3b10284d exception at 36057ea2h
and other error was: Unhandled reading 0x39fa542b eception at 3600e753h

Please help me I can't afore to lose those files.

Thank you!

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1 Answer

Usually when this message appears, the drawing file has been damaged beyond use. However, there are a few things that may get it to open:
-Try to open the drawing file directly instead of using the Recent
Documents menu.
-Check that the storage location that holds the drawing is working
-Use the RECOVER and RECOVERALL commands on the drawing.
-Attempt to insert the damaged file into a clean drawing or template using the INSERT command.
-Use an older or newer version of AutoCAD to try and open the file.
-Apply third party recover software Recovery Toolbox for DWG

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