Question about Challenges

Would you guys be interested to work on a Pre-Kickstarter Challenge?

I need expressed concerns before i submit my challenge to GrabCad.

What would be a fair compensation to the winners selected? As this project will be moved to KickStarter and funds backing this project will be low. Do you think an agreed compensation (royalty or an agreed to sum) after the funding goal is reached would be enough of an intensive?

The only risk would be is offering a low-ball offer to winner or a high-ball offering to winner in worst to good case scenario's. The winner would choose either the lower incentive and never worry about it again or the higher incentive but agree to that if the kickstarter campaign fails no compensation will be awarded.

If the kickstarter campaign succeeds the winner gets a higher award and possibly royalties.

Please let me know if you would be interested in such a challenge. If you want something different please comment below.


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