Question about File Request

What prevents a potential customer, to create a profile just to request files and get the job done for free?
I understand helping a fellow engineer, but if a customer or a client comes in here, requests the files and gets it for free, there goes the possibility of any of us making some money.

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3 Answers

I think this is not real concern. Engineering is a process where customer and engineer work together to engineer a product. Request is meant for only asking some parts that someone have created. I have seen many requests from customers but haven't heard that some of those have actually done for free.

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To be honest Nuno there is nothing stopping this as it is down to the engineer, designer to do the models as a request if they wish to....

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I think there has been a few of these requests already, but they seem to have been shot down because of the amount of work. Hopefully we aren't loosing to much work this way.

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