basic question about solidworks.

hello grabcaders i have a question related to solidworks, i have seen here that most of the engineers uses solidworks.... i am not familiar with this... i have pretty good knowledge about creo parametrics 2.0 and wanna work on some library models of here.. is it good to install solidworks for that purpose or any other way i should have missed?

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No doubt, go for it..!!

Solid works is best current 3D main stream software, Approx 70+ % engineer were preferred to use this one and me too. Easy to use interface and interactive learning easily within few days.

As per you stated that you already have interaction with Creo so it will become very easy to learn solid works with few tutorials.

And you know what is the golden opportunity, The Grab-cad is full of S-W tutorials and engineer's.


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The basics of solidworks can be learned in various free tutorials and if you are having a hard time with something and there is not tutorial here youtube it.I came into solidworks from mainly Rhino based software MATRIX, it took me 2 weeks to get the basics and I soon learned anything i want to know.However if you have the ability to just get solidworks then do so, but to open up a few library files only you might just want to find someone willing to open them and then save them to STEP, IGES, Parasolid then open it up in creo.

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