Question about split and extrude cut

Here I attached one image,I want to cut my part like this,i tried so many times but its not perfectly done.please tell me the procedure how to cut the battery cap like attached image ,awaiting reply.


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Just make a Profile as per sketch and make extrude surface.

Then use Cut with Surface Command for cut the Solid Part.

Hope This Works.

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I'd mostly agree with what shubham wrote.

Attached is an image with a similar result.

The base sketch should be made as simply as possible. When dealing with regular splines, fewer control points are a good idea. Style splines often require more points.
It looks like shubham used six or seven control points, and this can lead to "wiggles" in the result.

Cutting with a surface is fine, but I feel it is best used for cuts with compound curvature, or cases where the resulting surface will be re-used for other features.
In this case I would just use a standard cut-extrude with an open profile sketch (see image).
This forms the basics of the shape you are looking for. A fillet, or likely a variable radius fillet looks like it will be needed to smooth out the corners.

But, as this is a handheld device, I don't think a "regular" fillet is a good choice. Look to the Conic fillet options to provide a better result.
Sadly, I don't think variable radius fillets can use a conic option. So the fillet may have to be made "by hand".

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If what you're trying to do is split the battery compartment door away from the rest of the model, the 'molded product design-advanced' tutorial included with Solidworks has a very similar example of how to cut a master part into individual pieces.

Help>Solidworks Tutorials>advanced techniques tab, the exercise involves a computer mouse.

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Like this?

First 'knit surface' on the battery door surface patches to create a surface feature.

Then use that surface to create a 'thickened cut' feature.

You can also 'thicken' that surface to create the battery door base solid if you want.

Oftentimes you'll create surface "tools" that you use to help with other features in the model.

I'd attach the model but I'm on a newer version of SW.

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here i attached the sample part.i want to cut the yellow split line in 2 mm thickness.

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