Question about the use of linked variable or global variable in the equations folder?

In the CSWP core segment 1, is it better to used linked variable in the equation box or is it better to just use global variables. I found that you can directly change all global variables in the equation (manage equation) while for changing the linked values, you have to change each dimension in the modelling window. Or is there a specific reason to use linked values rather than global?

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2 Answers

When I do this certifacte a don't use any equal. My friends use this equal and they don't pass :) they have a lot problem with rebuilding and he spend some of time to repair this.

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In SolidWorks versions prior to 2013, 'LINKED VALUES' was commonly used to define variable dimensions so that if one dimension is changed, others adjust themselves accordingly. But newer versions have added a better and more convenient way to do the same-'GLOBAL VARIABLE'. So, there is no need to use the older method if you have the option of the newer one.

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