Questions about hole wizard and part in design library

I am trying to insert a rivet into a hole on a curved surface and am having problems with both methods I have tried.

Issue with Hole wizard:
To place the holes at various points on the curved surface I have drawn a Spline with the intention of placing the holes at various points along that 3D spline over the curved surface. Problem is that hole wizard will not allow me to place a holes on a point giving an error of "hole is being placed on a vertex or edge". Is there another way of precisely placing a hole wizard position on a curved line or Spline on a curved surface?

Issue with aligning rivet:
Firstly I have created a part file of the rivet and added this part to my Library. However when I drag this part from the library to the curved surface, I manage to align the shaft of the rivet with the hole by using a relationship between the rivet shaft surface and the surface on the inside of the hole on the curved surface. Problem is, I cannot get any other relationship to work which leaves me with a rivet hanging in space.

Second option was for me to have both the curved surface and rivet as 2 separate part files and then to insert the rivet into each individual hole by using Copy Mate in the assembly drawing. All good and well but I am trying to use a relationship of rivet shaft surface and inside hole and then create a second relationship between the bottom hole of the curved surface and the lower end of the rivet shaft so that I can use that relationship as a repeat. It won't allow this which means I would have to define 2 sets of relationships for every one of the hundred rivets I am putting into the sketch. Not looking forward to that.

Possibly there is a solution to either or both of these issues.

Thanks in advance.

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