RealView is not working as desired

Hey Guys,
My very first question to this great community. I am a newbie to the SolidWorks, and I am on very initial stages.
I have AMD RX480 graphics card installed in my pc and I enable RealView Graphics via RealHack tool, but I am not able to get the results as i see on many video tutorials. The surfaces are not shiny/reflecting as you can see in the attached picture.
I use the same tool with Intel built-in HD 4600 graphics, and there RealView works like a charm, and I think my gpu is far better than HD 4600 graphics ;).
Any help will be highly appreciated.


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3 Answers

Check this video , the audio is in spanish, but the audio is not needed, just follow the steps, a lot of user from GRABCAD had great results

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thanks guys, its activated and works great

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