"Recognize Features" locking up?

I downloaded a .igs file of ar15 lower from http://www.cncguns.com/downloads.html I can open it fine it ask to "import diagnostics" I click 'No" but I do want to "recognize features" The problem is it locks up Solidworks when it get to the "extrudes" features. I've tried saving the part as a part file, still didn't work. I tried making it "recognize" extrudes only and nothing else, also changed the order of recognition with no success.

I've used autocad for years, but just now started learning solidworks so go easy on me. Does the command typically work? I would like to get this so I can play with it a little and make my own designs, as always its nice to start with a good working start point. Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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Turn off the extrude option and then use the interactive mode to recognize the extruded features. You'll most likely have to skip the threads as that is where it seems to fail.

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Earle: use the interactive mode and then start selecting and recognizing the features in reverse of how you'd model it. Then as each feature is will disappear until its all gone, then the program will build it in the right order.

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