I cannot get my renderings to look anything like the top quality examples that I see.
Is it I just need more practice? I am on a 64 bit 8Gb machine.

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If you want good results "Showcase from Autodesk" is the answer for you.
I feel sad to say that you're waisting your time otherwise.
But you can use the Ray Tracing and take a good rendering.

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Auto desk Showcase is one of the best drag and drop render engines there is.... But there is also another that I think is a lot better just due to ease of use quality and render time and materials Keyshot you should try looking into that and if you are a student you can get a years license for $95 :))))) Hahhahah now that is worth staying in for one night @ the weekend, but then again if you do buy that software I think you will be staying in a lot more @ the weekends just to render LoL'ss

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Hi Matthew Hawkins,

Autodesk Showcase is good for animation. It is better than KeyShot, but for rendering don't use Autodesk Showcase and Inventor, they are not good enough for rendering.
Your machine settings to better exploit with KeyShot :)


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