Representation Issue ?

I have an assembly that I am trying to make show a "painted" representation. In each sub-assembly I have created a "painted" representation and changed the color. The idea is then to make a main assembly and make a "painted" representation and enable all the "painted" representations in the subassemblies. The issue is that for some reason some of the sub assemblies don't have the representation folder available? It's weird because some of the sub-assemblies have it so my idea works just some don't. Any thoughts?

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I have had something similar... when trying to give a color to parts in an assembly, it seems that it won't work. As if the way you have colored the part overrides whatever changes you have made to its appearance in the assembly.

As far as I know, there is only one work-around that I know that works: paint the part fiel, not the part in the assembly file. It seems the part inherits its appearnce in the assembly that you gave it in the 'part' file.
I hope that solves it for you, and if anyone has a better answer to this, please do add it!

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I have took a quick screen print of what would help
you out as this was done in the IAM

It is simple to follow so no text needed
but if you still have problems let me know
and I will add text to it..
I hope this helps

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