Shading and cooling

Hello to all,

I would need your cooperation.
I would need to shield this x-ray tube (the skilled expert suggested that 1 mm lead is enough and advances) and at the same time cool it .. the tube is attached
I had thought of a shell ... divided into two
Do you have any idea ... or rather an example in 3D

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Maybe you could do something like this?
The shell is in two pieces which could be cast. Fins to increase heat transfer as Jack mentioned are also present.

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My suggestion is to add fins to the shield so that it also acts as a heat shield to remove some of the heat.

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Would you like to explain it to me with a cad design? Just to make us better

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Hi fred,
I would like to thank you for the time you have devoted to answering this question (I also take the opportunity to thank Jack Knapp).
I like your idea. Maybe I did not tell you everything.
My tube besides having to shield I should be able to cool to liquid. Therefore, a water path must be provided in the shell. Everything must be in the space you see in the attachment below. Once liquid shielding and cooling has been made, one must think of how to attach to the rack (17U)
made myself clear ?
Thank you very much

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