Problems with shading in SolidWorks 2014


I have a problem with shading in SW. If I work in non render mode, the shades are visible, but sometiems when I go to render window, the shaes just dissapear and even thought the shades are visible in standard model view, they wont appear on my renders.

My second problem is that sometimes shading has an off-set from my model, so even if I lay down my model with mates, the shades appear even lower or they won't match up with the bottom of my model...

Any suggestions?


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Hi Luka,

Have you checked your graphic card? I guess you use Dell Inspiron 7720 (laptop).
Could you please have a look at once and try its performance and/or please try to reduce your graphic needs (use all color. theme option low level etc.) and try to render your parts.


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