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Now i am working in new product design ( hand hold devices). last week only i completed my 6 months internship training. i done some concept designs in my internship period.

i completed MECHTRONICS i didn't know " what the mechanical technical knowledges needed for designing". i know SOLIDWORKS and PTC CREO. but technically weak.

i know technical knowledge is important for good design engineer.i want to improve my technical knowledge. give some ideas to improve my technical knowledge and " what are the topics i want to focus". As a design engineer " what are the basic knowledge needed for me".

if any anybody know good books or pdf or you tube videos send me links.....


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Dear Sab,

It's Good to hear you have some foundation in design software all you need to do is to practice different models so that you will get enough tool experience.

then you need to think about best practices (i.e) one solid model can be created in many ways but we must choose the best way. example cylinder can be created by revolving a rectangle or extruding a circle.

as design engineer you must have good knowledge in surface module, sheet metal, drafting and apart from this mechanism and Animation

you can download my models and practice it has tree history also follow my video tutorials try it in solidworks

CATIA V5 Wireframe & Surface Design

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A lot can be gained by looking - really looking - at things around you. About the house you will have items that are injection moulded, machined from solid, turned, stamped and bent from sheet, etc.

Look for more industrial items such as those under the bonnet of your car or otherwise out of sight - the manufacturing method won't be hidden for cosmetic appeal.

As Dhanasekar said, there are many ways of creating something in SolidWorks - I try as a rule to recreate the process by which the part was actually made - so don't use cut/extrude for parts that have been turned on a lathe - use rotate body and rotate cut etc.

If you can ask to look in on a machine shop where you work, or where a friend works, you might see some of these processes in action. If you can then learn what the limitations on each process are, you're really getting somewhere.

Best of luck!


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