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Should i learn solidworks or inventor?

By caner korkmaz on 12 Apr 07:18 6 answers 899 views 2 comments

Hi everyone,
I am a economics student with a passion to learn 3d modeling.I am already good at autocad and know basics of solidworks.I build most of my projects real life and having problems with the cnc machinists because that i use solidworks.Most of them seems to use inventor.I find couple of old questions about subject since then i think inventor seems more improved then solidworks.Since i want to learn one of them with every detail,thought i should ask you guys for an advice.Thanks everyone who reply beforehand.

6 answers

  • Joshua Wenzel
    Joshua Wenzel 4 months ago

    Having used both, I strongly prefer Inventor over SolidWorks.

    However, if you lived here (in Milwaukee), I would tell you that SolidWorks is the way to go. Most of the companies here use SolidWorks, and it is what is taught at the local tech colleges. A lot of it depends upon what is standard for your area/industry.

    You'll never learn "every detail", so don't try. Just learn what you need/want. Also, once you learn one, to cross over to the other isn't really all that complicated, since most things are generic. A hole will always be a hole.

  • Jonathan DeRoner
    Jonathan DeRoner 4 months ago

    When I was in college, we were taught both softwares because every company you could end up working for will have different softwares. While I prefer Inventor over solidworks, it is best to have knowledge of both. They are very similar so when you learn one, the other will be easy to adapt to. The main difference of the two is just the user interface.

  • ioan skurka
    ioan skurka 4 months ago

    i use, day by day Solidworks, in north america is very popular, but is not to hard to switch to inventor, are very similar.
    I will recommend inventor, being autodesk software. 3 years free student version for all Autodesk software...
    For CNC is better to know Mastercam, I learn it in few days. Mastercam for Solidworks is available, add on in solidworks.
    For hobby and not only, i recommend you to take a look at Alias Collection.
    Later if you will want to render you designs, with autodesk you will have more options, menthal ray and v-ray, with solidworks you will be stuck with 360 and visualize. True you can import in Keyshot, but still you will need to import in a different software create by a different company.
    for renderings and animation 3ds Max and 4d Cinema is the way to go.

  • Steendelaar
    Steendelaar 4 months ago

    As most people above already said.

    Learning both is the best, I use inventor on a daily base and prefer it over Solidworks.
    But since 3 months ago i've started working with solidworks (For school).
    And both programs are pretty simulair.
    So for example, if you learn to work with inventor its very duable to switch to Soliworks and vice versa

  • Beckett Mckeone
    Beckett Mckeone 4 months ago

    One easy and free way is YOU TUBE!!!!! it has many tutorials and that is how I sometimes get help when I have no idea how to do something.

  • 振文 罗
    振文 罗 4 months ago


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