Show all Hidden objects Solidworks?

Heres another problem I have with solidworks. When Im in complex assembly sometimes I need to hide some parts. Then after adding mates I have to go through the design tree and scroll and look up and down for the hidden object. This is fine in small assemblies but in large ones 100 parts literally takes 5 min to find one part. Does solidworks have a command as Alias or Rhino "Show all Hidden objects. without having to find them in design tree?

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Yes this is possible in SWorks.
Goto the main tree on the left side of the screen.
Right clich on the main file (assembly)
Dialog box opens
click " show with dependents"
All hidden items will show...

Works for me....

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Or instead of
click " show with dependents"

You can press "P" after the dialog shows.

I am still looking for a direct shortcut but haven't found it yet.

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