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I am graduated Medical Engineer, I would like some help from all the experienced Engineers out there! Firstly I would like to ask, if you can suggest me Solid Edge ST4 book that includes Tutorials, examples of how to make parts! I have the basic knowledge from my University! Secondly I would like to ask where I can get a sertificate-proof that I have basic knowledge on Solid Edge!

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If you look up they have a large number of Cad Textbooks. They have Solid Edge ST4 for Designers textbook (704 pages). It starts with Introduction to Solid Edge and goes all the through solid edge. Including Tutorials, including Self-Evaluation tests at the end of each chapter, along with numerious detailed drawings to practice with.

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solid edge st4 solid edge st6 (latest version)
author- sham tickoo professor purdue university calumet usa
publisher- dreamtech press

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Solid Edge ST6 Synchronous Modeling book by You can find this book on

You can also read sample chapters on

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