Solid Edge or Works ?

Hello everyone, I have little experiance with solidworks, I made some metal boxes, cabinets-lockers, server rack, etc. But, some professional engineers recomended me solidedge. Reason is more proffesional experianced reasons, edge is more strict, he does'nt allow you to make some mistakes. From the second side SW is more user friendly, more tutorials on youtube, more suported.

Your experiance reasons, advices ?

Thanks !

1 Answer

Hello Divljina,

As a user of both solidedge & solidworks from past 12-13 years. I can say that you are right solidedge is much more strict and wont let you make mistakes.
Any software is run on KERNEL it is like a heart solid edge and solid works both are using same kernel which is Unix and its developed by Siemens. solid edge is product of Siemens.

In terms of users friendliness solid edge is much more easy to learn you can do so many task easy and fast compare to solid works.

solidedge has so many usefull functions which is only avaliable in solidedge. like best sheet metal design, Synchronize modeling, Easy and much more detailed drafting.

whatever those professional engineers said to you is right.

Solid edge has also large user-base.

Thank you...