Solidworks Extension Formats

Hi every body.
Dose any one here knows about the application of solidworks other extension formats like *.stp *.stl *.igs *.x_t *.x_b *.sat and ...

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Parasolid is a native for UG products.
IGES and STEP are neutral formats that almost all CAD products can open.
IGES is an old format (1979), in 1994 STEP format was developed and the development of IGES declined.

for data exchange with products that do not support Parasolid. STEP is the most widely used format and it is much better than IGES.

in other word, data exchange is the main application of those formats.

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yes you can import file even 3dsmax, pro-e, autocad, *.obj and lots of format directly to SW. but you can't import a CATIA file directly without any add on.

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