Christian J, Almeda

SolidWorks keeps crashing when editing a part.

Question by Christian J, Almeda

I currently have the 2017 version of Solidworks. Whenever I edit a part, the program freezes and crashes.No errors, nothing. This happens on any part, from the old part I made over a year ago to the part I was making yesterday. My computer's specs are:

Dell Inspiron 5577
Intel Core i5-7300HQ
16gb RAM
NVIDIA GTX 1050 4gb

Does any one know how this could be fixed?

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Answered on 6 Aug, 2017 01:25 AM

Launch SolidWorks, don't open any files.
Go to: Tools - Options - Performance - turn on the option for Use Software OpenGL. Close and re-open SolidWorks.
See if that prevents the crashing.

If the above does not help, try:
1. A lack of disk space. SolidWorks likes to find and use swap space even when you have enough RAM
2. Some other program or service running in the background. If the above two don't do anything, try to shut down every running application and task on the computer.

Actually, you don't mention the operating system. I'm pretty sure some versions of Windows are not meant to run SW2017

There might be some system log buried in the OS which gives more information on why the software failed.

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