Solidworks to Mastercam


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It may depend on the year the software was released though. An older copy of MasterCAM would likely not read a new version of solidworks.

If you are having trouble, try parasolid, step or iges files exported from solidworks.

We use parasolid at work because step files always import with circular edges made up from two arcs instead of a single circle. But we also use SurfCAM.

Mastercam already reads SWorks file, You dont need to download any translator. It's already in there.

File - Open - File Type - SLDPRT (Solidworks)
Look at the "Options" button before opening the file.
It will automatically create wireframe for you during import.

Versions of Solidworks MCX can read:

V9-MR0105 = SW2005
X-XMR2 = SW2006

X2-X2MR2SP1 = SW2008 (Windows 2000 only through SW2006) / SW2010.SLDPRT
X3-X3MU1 = SW2009
X4-X4MU3 = SW2010
X5-X5MU1 = SW2011
X6-X6MU3 = SW2013 / 2012
X7 = 2013

Other than the one version it is compatible with Mastercam can't read a SW file, from my experience.

Here's is what files each version of Mastercam can read:

You'll have to change the drop down list to the Mastercam you have to see what SW versions your Mastercam can read.

In your case, from reading the above comment
"" School computer has MX6, MX8, Mastercam 2017 and Solidworks 2017 "",
You cant. Solidworks 2017 is not compatible with Mastercam 2017

This leaves you with 3 options:
1. Upgrade to Mastercam 2018 or downgrade to Solidworks 2016.
2. Export the files out of Solidworks as a STEP, or a Parasolid (.x_t) so Mastercam can read it.
3. Upload your sldprt file to Grabcad Workbench and then download it as a STEP so Mastercam can read it. (I've done this method flawlessly many times) Here's a tutorial on how to do it: How to convert CAD files in Workbench