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Hi, I have a problem related to Solidworks 2017. My question is: Is it possible that you install in you computer old version of Solidworks(f.e 2010) then you delete it and install new version(f.e. 2017) and get some properties of old and new programs merged?

Previously I was using Solidworks 2010 for learning in university, now for work I installed 2017, but I did NO WINDOWS FORMAT before installing new version, and now it seems that some grapghical features which existed in SW2010 now exist in SW 2017. For example I can't draw lines from the edge of circle and every time I must zoom deeply to the edge in order to draw line from it.

How can I fix this problem?

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Formatting a hard drive before installing a new version seems a bit extreme. You could do a "clean installation" where you first make sure ALL previous traces of SolidWorks have been removed. This includes files folders, as well as registry entries.

Jumping from 2010 to 2017 must be quite a shock!

Regarding the drawing of a line, I'd make sure that there is not some setting enabled that forces the line to start tangent to the circle.
As a test, try drawing a line THROUGH the circle instead of trying to start ON the circle. You could then drag the endpoint to the circle, or snip it off with the trim tool.

Let us know what happens.

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Hrachya Grigoryan

If you used Windows to uninstall SolidWorks 2010 it will leave many files and Registry entries not deleted. When a newer version of SolidWorks is installed it will see the files from the previous version and not overwrite them. The result is a mix of old files and new files that will cause many issues.

As FredSWUG mentioned you will have do a Clean Install. I have attached a PDF file to help you with the uninstall / re-install process.


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