I am trying to create some STEP/IGES files to upload some drawings to Grabcad. I am currently using AutoCAD 2010. However when I try using export or saveas I only have the following options dwf, dwfx, wmf, sat, stl, eps, dxx, bmp, dwg, dgn. Does anyone know how to enable STEP/IGES file saves/exports if this option is missing.

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It is so simple.
there isn't "STEPOUT" or "IGESOUT" command in autocad,
you can find it in autocad mechanical,
Instead of using those formats , you can use ACIS (*.sat) file format,

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Hey Paul,

We’ve added a translator that allows users to download a CAD file in STEP, IGES and STL formats, regardless of the format it was uploaded in. This makes it easy to share models with partners who don’t use the same CAD system you do.

With just one click your supplier can download any of the neutral formats based on the original file you uploaded.

I outlined how to use the converter on our FAQ

Have a great day!

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