STEP / IGES files?

Ive seen on the challenges where you can use any system you want to do the challenge but it also says to upload the files in .STEP and .IGES. Does AutoCAD do this and what exactly are these file types? I've never heard of them till I joined GrabCAD.

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STEP - Standard for the Exchange of Product model data.

The International standard's objective is to provide a mechanism that is capable of describing product data throughout the life cycle of a product, independent from any particular system. The nature of this description makes it suitable not only for neutral file exchange, but also as a basis for implementing and sharing product databases and archiving.

Typically STEP can be used to exchange data between CAD, Computer-aided manufacturing, Computer-aided engineering, Product Data Management/EDM and other CAx systems. STEP is addressing product data from mechanical and electrical design, Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, analysis and manufacturing, with additional information specific to various industries such as automotive, aerospace, building construction, ship, oil and gas, process plants and others.

STEP is developed and maintained by the ISO technical committee TC 184, Automation systems and integration, sub-committee SC 4, Industrial data. Like other ISO and IEC standards STEP is copyright by ISO and is not freely available. Other standards developed and maintained by ISO TC 184/SC 4 are:

ISO 13584 PLIB - Parts Library
ISO 15531 MANDATE - Industrial manufacturing management data
ISO 15926 Process Plants including Oil and Gas facilities Life-Cycle data
ISO 18629 PSL- Process specification language
ISO 18876 IIDEAS - Integration of industrial data for exchange, access, and sharing
ISO 22745 Open technical dictionaries and their application to master data
ISO 8000 Data quality
STEP is closely related with PLIB (ISO 13584, IEC 61360).

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IGES - The Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) is a file format which defines a vendor neutral data format that allows the digital exchange.

The official title of IGES is Digital Representation for Communication of Product Definition Data, first published in January, 1980 by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards as NBSIR 80-1978. Many documents (like early versions of the Defense Standards MIL-PRF-28000[1] and MIL-STD-1840[2]) referred to it as ASME Y14.26M, the designation of the ANSI committee that approved IGES Version 1.0.
Using IGES, a CAD user can exchange product data models in the form of circuit diagrams, wireframe, freeform surface or solid modeling representations. Applications supported by IGES include traditional engineering drawings, models for analysis, and other manufacturing functions.

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i am a new user of creo many of formats are not allowed to open in this software so how i convert any other file format into creo 2 format..please reply..

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