Surface based feature (SPLIT)


I would like to make a split between surface wire and the pad 2 (see attached file)
I tried to use the the surface based split tool but it shows me an error message ("skin does not cut right accross one of the volumes")
Please help !!

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1 Answer

I tried to open the part but was unable to .. I use V5R20, maybe you have a newer version. However that split error often occurs in one of two situations - either the surface is too short and does not completely intersect the solid (you can try extrapolating the surface edges to solve this) or the surface arrives tangent to one of the surfaces of the solid .. Catia sometimes has problem with tangent surfaces when splitting (in this case again try extrapolating the surface in order that it is larger than the solid being split). if you can save your file as a previous Catia version (under "Tools->Utility->Downwardcompatability" you can save it as a Catia V5R20 version part) then I can take a look and maybe give you a better idea about the problem.

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