Surfaces thicken problems in Solidworks

Hello everyone!

I'm a student, and i'm busy with my own hobby project at the moment.
But the problem is that i can't thicken some surface's.
And also i don't know what the problem is.
It gives an error (unable to thicken the surface).
I have also tried this:
- offset surface and make that thicken but the problem is that i get only the half thicken.

My wish:
I want to thicken the surface and at some nice fillet.

My english isn't very well..

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2 Answers

if the fillet size is less than the size of the thicken feature then it won't work
here's a solution try thickening your surface before adding the fillets and later add the fillets you want

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I agree with Ahmed.Perhaps export your part and use shell modifier in for example 3dsm? I remember it did it without questions asked. I had the same issue on a downloaded car model. Scaled it down and was left with unprintable surfaces. Which was a 1 on 1 scale copy I guess. to which I modeled an RC frame and scavenged the electronics from a broken down toy. Bests

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