Surfacing a complex part in Autodesk Inventor 2013

Need a good tutorial, so i can finally start using surfacing on Inventor.
Like a Car body, something like that.



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Hey Nuno I am sorry to say it might be hard to find such a tutorial for IV and to be honest you will not find a lot of tutorials @ all for surface modelling in IV
IV is my little baby but it sucks big time for surface modelling to tell the truth that is why Auto desk has got the king of software for surface modelling ^Alias^ but that is no easy software to learn I am still having trouble with it :(
You could PM, Maca as I think he might know of a IV surface modelling book that you could buy if I can remember correctly!

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What you need is "Loft" check the model below...
It is simple but it will give you a push...

Surfacing Modeling

Additionally is all about simplifying geometry ...this is what you do either way...

All these models already in grab-cad I believe they need time and patience...
so no one said that is easy and fast to produce something really smooth...

Also, among the great models you can see some desperate tries to model a car... (Don't get me wrong!!! :P)

-How ever, you have to be aware that in every of the above software is always a good chance for your model to collapse.
(failed to update geometry as an input)

In the end, you need to know in what you are looking for...Then is not hard to play with profiles and step by step to build through simple geometries a complex shape...

The big issues are coming when you try to put thickness and you meet bad results on the corners... (that's why I used shell on this model) but that again is depends on the case...

Sorry for not upload a tutorial but too busy (Exams ahead...)
CFD is killing me.

@William Looking forward for the tutorial

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How complex? If you are trying to make the model of a part that originaly is made of sheet metal i will advise you to try the sheet metal add in. if is not made in sheet metal i will advise you that you will have a lot of work ahead!

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Upload a picture of a relevant surface that you want to model to check what we can do... it will never be solid work... it will never be Alias... but trust me it will always be a way to use surfacing modeling in inventor!!!

Looking forward

Best Regards


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Something like a car, of your choice. Just want to see the steps.

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Have a look @ Hot Rod
that is IV surface modelling
If you need to steps as in tutorial let me know....
But do not expect great quality for IV surface modelling it is good not as good as SW (( hate to say it LoL'ss )) and no were near class A's....

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William, that would be great if you could do that.

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