Sweep or extrude

To sweep or extrude in AutoCAD, which is better?

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Hi Tendai Katsuwa,

I would say both are very useful. Extrude is most used for applying volume perpendicular to a 2d plane such as a box, cylinder. While sweep is mostly for applying volume along a path. like spring, handle etc.

Basically, importance of both will be different from case to case.

There are also times that extrude does not work. A possible cause is an unclosed polygon that is supposed to be extruded. But at rare times from my experience it is a software bug or software is unresponsive. So what I do is I make a path to an axis that I desire and sweep the 2d plane to it so it would have a volume to make a box/cylinder. If it still won't work, I redraw.

There are also instances that sweep can be an alternative for revolve or vise versa but for circular path only. Before, I had also experienced that the object I wanted to revolve doesn't work. A possible cause is an unclosed polygon also but there are rare times that it is also caused by a bug/ the software is unresponsive. So instead of revolving the 2d plane I make a circular path and sweep on it. And If it also still won't work, I redraw, too.

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Thank you Tendai Katsuwa!

Riolito Paildelan

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I would say neither is better than the other. They are simply different tools.

Generally speaking, the added hassle of constructing a path for sweep features makes it less appealing to use when a simple extrude will suffice.

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depends upon which AutoCAD version you are using. Also the application, and profile for extruding.

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It depends how good your broom is, if you've spent a lot on your broom sweep will be better, if you have unsatisfactory tools such as a brush extrude is preferable

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I would say that by becoming familiar with as many functions as possible then you can adapt all of your skills and techniques to suit the task in hand. Extrude is the most simple tool to use and understand so it's a good starting point.

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