Tagging Models Correct.

Hey guys - Who would agree that we all need to start tagging our models when we up load them correctly from now on so that it makes other peps life so much easier when looking for a model on GrabCAD...... This will also help GrabCAD in the long run by being more user friendly for all to benefit from.... ' I think GrabCAD needs to start some kind of new rule here for us the community on this one' any other thoughts guys?

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Am Totally Agree with you..!

i think Grab-cad Might Be make some new Adjustment in his coding like Uploading time one blank space asking the Details of project and automatically tagging it with his Author name and Field of Work, and Woking Features with Requirements.

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If Grab-cad Offer me to Write code for this than am ready to work for.

Basically one more Idea is Making one more menu bar with sub menu feature,
Like the Community Button is there in up,
Lots of Space is there after the button toolbox,
So the Theme is like this.......

Automobile>>>CAR's,BUS's,, , Etc..
Interior Design>>> Furniture, Vases..Etc.
Jeweler y >>>GOLD, Diamonds, Necklace, Bangles etc.

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