Tutorial - Creating isometric circle (Front view) in AutoCAD?

Tutorial on creating isometric circle front view in AutoCAD

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thts very typical method of making a circle in isometric view....now its much easier in CAD-07 and above latest versions to catch the face of an object automatically and to draw on specific view....

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I think it is so easy , just check on isoplane from snap setting, and choose iso circle from ellipse command, for change the top, right or left plane, we can use the function key f5..........

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Step-1 open new file
Step-2 Snap right click setting & change snap type ( Isometric snap) ok
Step-3 Now ELLIPSE command enter & choose option Isocircle
Step-4 Now click center point & radius or diameter
Note : - For change isoplane press F5 ( Isoplane top , right & left)

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Alternately, you can simply use the "Ellipse" command (or tool icon).
Of course if you decide to break your ellipse and connect it to a polyline you won't be able to, since a broken ellipse is a spline.

But all hope is not lost!

On your command line just type in: pellipse ...and change it from 0 to 1.
Then when you draw an "ellipse", it will be a polyline representation of a true ellipse. The number of control points will vary depending on the aspect ratio of your "ellipse". But since it is now a polyline, you can break it and join it to any other polyline. Note that breaking a "pellipse" will usually give you an additional break, so you may need to "pedit" the "orphaned" portions back together.

Of course, a broken true ellipse may be joined to a spline.

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