Tutorials:-Working with Power MILL " PART II" Machining Setup

Additional Preparation before creating toolpaths

In the previous section we created toolpaths using the default values whenever possible. We will now look at the machining process in more detail.

I particular:
Setting up direct access to regularly used files
Orienting the job for machining
Detail Examination model features
Tool and Holder definition
Material Block Definition
Setting safe Z Heights

To Generate the Programs(G-coded & M-coded) For Various CNC Machines.

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Here is the Next Part of Working with Power Mill..

Follow the Steps and You will found your way with Power Mill.

Some text are Referenced from Book and Online Training Tutorials

Thanks and Enjoy..!!

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/tutorials-working-with-power-mill-part-ii-machining-setup

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