Two stage format for challenges

I want to make a suggestion, how about having the option for a two stage format for the challenges?

The comps are getting lots of quality entries, but I am also seeing lots of good ideas falling short because the design was not fully refined or 'prettyfied'. I know that personally it takes a huge effort during personal time to put together a design that looks really sharp, and it can be a real gamble as to whether what I perceive as a good design is necessarily to the judges tastes or needs. I usually have a number of contrasting designs that I would love to get up but can't because of time constraints.

I think it would be more valuable to the clients if they had more design concepts that they could choose from. They could then refine the selection and put certain designs through to a second round for finishing.

I think this would also make the client's work a little easier in that they wouldn't need to give individual feedback to every potential entry. The first round of conceptual entries would be silent with no/minimum feedback from the client being given, second round would allow the client to have a more manageable field of entries to coach individually, if they so choose. It would also allow engineers and designers who don't necessarily have the skill-set to complete a design, to bring on help from fellow GrabCAD'ers nurturing further team building.

This format wouldn't be applicable to every type of challenge but I feel it would be more effective in others and would result in fewer frustrated designers. Anyone else care to comment?

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Now that sounds like a really good suggestion Nic one that would be worth considering.

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Sounds good Nic, I also think the ultimate result would be an even higher level of quality designs.

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I support
challenges at the beginning of thinking is quite chaotic
at the beginning is usually after a couple of ideas which takes place on the racing
The second phase will allow for refinement projects (request, advice, consultation) and then the correction of the project
only a few questions for the first stage
- To be models or just sketches
-models should be available (if -only in the second stage), but this jet and the question now
- Rendering a detailed or general
several questions still to be found, but certainly others have denounced the

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