unfold a pipe

Hi it is possible to unfold the pipe or do something else to print out a paper to wrap around it in the end of pipe so i can mark and cut the pipe in the end

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In absence of sophisticated feature finders in the CAD program in my possession, I use a manual method.
slice the pipe midway through a plane normal to the bending axis of the first bend (see figure A)
Draw a sketch on the cut plane, draw a lines or arcs passing through the center of the pipe (Figure B), put dimensions on the line and arc segments.
Figure C shows the slicing for the second bend
Figure D shows drawing lines and arcs going through the center of the pipe and it's dimensions.
Figure E is what is left of the model with the sketches showing.
Your pipe 41.834 inches long, using the dimensions you have, you can start your first bend at 25.125" for 70 degrees, and then add 3.150" to reach the location of the next bend and so on.

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