Using a 3D sketch as the path for a path mate (Solidworks 2017)

So, on YouTube, I saw this really cool "bolt action" pen, and thought that I should try to make one. Well, to make the bolt action, i have essentially a cam path, it looks like a little inverted "J". the path was extrude/cut and curve patterned with a 3D sketch. Is there any way to use that sketch in the path mate? i projected to a flat plane, and mated to that, it works, but since the pen body is round, the actuator has variable distance to the pen body, where if I could use the 3D sketch, it wouldn't have variable distance, and the only thing left to do would be to mate the bottom face of the actuator, tangent to the barrel of the pen. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can post any files if their needed for clarity.

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3 Answers

Helix and Spiral suppose to do the job.
In features you will find Curves/Helix and Spiral.
Insert/Curve/Helix ans Spiral.
good luck

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Could you send me, files to clear your question?.
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I figured out what I did wrong, when i projected the (3D) sketch, it added a bunch of extra points. I assume those points were throwing it off, but you cant just delete them. What I did was I projected the 3D sketch, traced the geometry, and then deleted the projection. This got rid of the extra points, and i was able to constrain the bolt action properly.

I can attach files if this is unclear, just contact me.

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