What is the difference between ANSYS and ABAQUS and which is better?

what is difference between ANSYS and ABAQUS? Which is better ANSYS or ABAQUS?

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my team and i use abaqus for my analysis because it is easy to use. generally two of them are good. I think it is better to start with Abaqus if you would like work with analysis software.

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Both good softwares but for now Ansys has some advantages like; better interface, able to use same time with different interfaces, material library, better error correction.

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ANSYS supports all Cad softwares with different interfaces. You can import model also you can work directly from your cad software with bidirectional cad tools.

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Good afternoon,

I must to start first of all with an remarks: none exist some software better than other (from specified above).
Now, you must take in account the following assumption before to start learning some of them:
-both software have direct interface with CAD soft: 3D or 2D model already made in CAD soft can be import directly in FEM soft (through 1 click);
-because of investment of money in research and developed, both software offer guaranty of precision and stability of calculus and also in scalability;
-because I am a user of ANSYS, I can tell you that using 1 window I can start multiple simulation-Workbench-without take into account that in work page I have include structural analysis or thermal or CFD or parametric study or mixed), perhaps Abaqus have also this possibility, I don't know;

What I want to mean through this small comparative is that all software with tradition in numerical analysis offers the same capabilities (more or less in the details of setup).
The only thing which must matter for you depends by how you interference with both software after you will installed. Only after you will do that, and made some simulations (considerate the same geometry) you can choice one of them (or both ;) ). Some of options offered are differed between software.

I hope is useful for you my suggestion.
Please also post your choice.

Keep in touch.
Best regards.

P.S. Also exist the MSC package software which is on the same position with ANSYS and ABAQUS or maybe 1st of all.

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Both is good software but ANSYS is good in explicit dynamics and cfd related problem. Abaques structural analysis some what good. If you are working with structural than go for Abaques, else subject like cfd, explicit dynamics go for ANSYS.
About interface i preferred ANSYS because it is very user friendly.

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in experiment ; result of Abaques in closer to theoretical result .
if you want to work with abaqus you can transfer your model from Solidworks and Catia to Abaques directly without any problem . it is easy to use.

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