What is wrong with this sketch?

I'm trying to do variational sweep. I tried placing the path at the centre of the circle but same error. I tried fillet between the path although i dont want to, but still same error. Can someone try and help?
I'm trying to do double hook with rectangular tips rather that spherical.

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i think there should little more distance for horizontal axis object, in short, it should be little more away

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Hi taif shams,

This quiet simple if you are trying a sweep or variational sweep (i.e profile following the path which is created by you) so the profile created must be able to pass through the curve when its been filled with solids.( bends should be practically possible )
example if your twisting a shape after some degrees 3d model cannot be formed because it will interfere similarly in your sketch model will interfere because of the perpendicular path(because its difficult for the profile to take 90 deg bend)

solution :

1.create a tangentially connection between your horizontal and vertical line of the path( using tangent arc from one curve to another so that it is easy to fill the material.

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Show a picture of what you're trying to achieve.

Chances are, sweep is not the right tool to get there since it gives you no continuity control between the sections.

hook1 uses sweep; 4 segments for the circular element, 4 edges for the rectangular, aligned by points (4): good continuity along the top (tangency) but poor along the bottom, with no real form control.

hook2 uses through curve mesh; 1 segment of the circle to 1 edge of the rectangle, 4 surfaces, full continuity control in relation to rectangular section.

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More often than not, the best question is, "How do I achieve this?" with a picture of the part you're trying to duplicate.

I'm fielded with questions every week where I work of people asking about micro-elements of CAD; "why won't this shell?", "why did this do that?", "how do I make that curve do this?"... when the root of the problem was in the methodology used to construct.

Just my .02

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