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Why does not anyone help?

By Bilal ZİREK on 16 Apr 21:25 9 answers 716 views 6 comments

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  • Ioannis Skarlatakis
    Ioannis Skarlatakis over 4 years ago

    Try to lead of the problem Bilal and I believe all of the above will give a hand...

    It is your own issue and you should start first to approach this...


  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder over 4 years ago

    Perhaps your question is to complicated.
    It is not a problem that you have with software
    but you have a problem with converting a 2d drawing into 3d.
    I can not help you with such a complicated issue and i believe other feel the same..perhaps if you try to find some tutorials/YouTube on the net this might help you in your quest.
    I truly hope you succeed in your search..

  • Eckhard Hofmann
    Eckhard Hofmann over 4 years ago

    You have already drawn the thing anyway! What else do you want, then?

  • Eckhard Hofmann
    Eckhard Hofmann over 4 years ago

    I see your Profile with your Equipment and your Qualification !!! If you of the perfect drawing dream you should have no fear of the work!

  • Kevin Dobson
    Kevin Dobson over 4 years ago

    Bilal, I've read a number of your questions...there is never a question. I've seem many of your model uploaded. I can't believe that you can do that work, yet not model many of the questions you post.

    Finally specifically for me, I do not work on weapons - period.

    ISHAN NANDE about 4 years ago

    why does not anyone help??- because u are asking some very unclear questions again and again!!

  • Eckhard Hofmann
    Eckhard Hofmann over 4 years ago

    I believe, meanwhile understand nobody more which you want! Thus you are probably never received assistance! None has the time for your strange, clumsy questions!!

  • Bilal ZİREK
    Bilal ZİREK over 4 years ago

    a drawing of a very frustrating and difficult to

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