writing using Polylines/Vertex

I want to write "Digital Solutions" same way " as "Measurement and Contol" is written.
Using polyline techniques. attached is file of the words.
Thanks in advance!!

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Font Absara is pretty close to what you are looking for, but it does not have the jagged, polyline appearance. That most likely came from someone "tracing" over a font with a line tool.
Maybe you could use an image of the good font in the back ground and trace over it?

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Some of the letters are already done. The remainder you'll need to trace over, you could trace them in your CAD program, a program like Illustrator (or Ink Scape), or you could even do it with a pencil.
The goal seems to be making the smooth font into a faceted font, made up of only line segments. You have the best mental image of what the end result will look like, so you'll be great at making it!
There might be a faster way of creating the result with various filters, maybe someone else can suggest a way to speed up the process? If I were doing it, I'd draw lines, but it looks like it would take some time.
You could also look to other existing fonts that have a similar appearance:

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I dont know how to do it. Can you please do it for me. Pleaaase!

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